I've failed this blog #wut

Yeah, I really suck at keeping this blog regularly updated :/ but there's no one keeping track of my posts so that shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, I promised to myself that I would try to post tot icons every couples of weeks from now on; I can do it, I know I can.
Enjoy the few creations I made between November & January ♥ Comment if you like, I'd appreciate that!

- [1-12] sense8
- [13-14] captain america: the winter soldier
- [15] hawkeye (2012)
- [16] glee
- [17-20] agents of shield
- [21-23] haven syfy
- [24] the shannara chronicles
- [25-27] dc's arrow/the flash/supergirl
- [28] the 100
- [29-30] the maze runner
- [31-32] grimm
- [33] guardians of the galaxy
- [34] once upon a time
- [35] beauty & the beast
- [36] orphan black
- [37-38] teen wolf x2
- [39] shadowhunters
- [41] quantico
- [42] under the dome

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winter is coming.... kinda??

Heyyyy everybody! As I anticipated before I'm not very good at keeping this journal updated and it's been months since my firts and last (at least so far) post... but here I am, again, with a bunch of icons I made during ~summer C: Hope you like them! And remember that I reeeeeally love comments ♥

- [1-4] sense8
- [5-12] the 100
- [13-14] disney movies
- [15-16] haven
- [17-21] once upon a time
- [22-24] marvel comics
- [25] guardians of the galaxy
- [26-32] marvel's daredevil
- [33-55] teen wolf

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sometimes.. they come back.

So, I decided to finally use this blog even if just to post my icons - when I actually remember to do so, anyway... Since this is my first post here in a veeery long time, here's some of my latest icons ♥ Hope you like them!

ps: a long time ago I was ppandashack but it's been ages since I last posted something there so you can consider this new blog a fresh start!
pps: remember that comments are always appreciated

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